Our History

All great visions start somewhere—even on a napkin.

At iBEAUTHENTIC, we continue to take notes from those first ideas. Why? Our original vision continues to align with where we are and where we’re headed. Our philosophy is about standing where we want to be and looking backwards at what we’ll need to accomplish to get there.


iBEAUTHENTIC was formed to offer alternative solutions to the Professional Beauty Industry through talent and technology-based offerings. If you look closely, you’ll notice that iBEAUTHENTIC contains the word “beauti” inside the letters. This name stands for how we deal with customers and what we do in the industry. We want to be authentic and original with how we treat our clients.   

We opened up a small office in December 2011 at 601 1st St. in Menominee, Michigan and with six employees, five partners and 75 years of professional beauty experience, the business quickly took off.

In 2013, iBEAUTHENTIC moved into a renovated auto repair shop on 127 9th Ave., designed to attract energetic and skilled talent. We recently celebrated our three-year anniversary of the move with our ever-growing staff of almost 40 iBeauthentic team members. Presently, we have partnerships with eight brands, eleven distributor clients and two venture capital clients.

Changing the Beauty Business

There’s a big company way to do it and then there’s our way to do it. We’re looking to move beyond the present-and-buy model, instead opting to bring more personality behind the product by offering a community shopping experience.

We believe we’re doing something that isn’t being done anywhere else. We serve as a hybrid alternative for independent distributors and beauty professional manufacturers who may not have the staffing and support to create what we can build—whether it’s websites, magazines or other technology-based offerings. We offer our clients alternative ways to reach customers by addressing brand needs, establishing growth requirements and solving issues.

Using the Web to Create Connections

If you ask anyone who works at iBEAUTHENTIC, they’ll say their relationships with coworkers have been the most rewarding—this extends to our clients, too. We’re an interactive and sociable community that’s all about creating a friendly work culture in the beauty industry. We aim to bring the relationship factor back into the brand and salon partnership through human and social connection.

Whether it’s responsive web design, distribution support, education management, graphic, package and print design, videography and photography, inside sales or social media design and management, we employ entrepreneurial, promotional and creative ways of thinking to optimize your company’s presence.

It’s one thing to talk about it; it’s another thing to see it. We go from conversations to completion every day. At iBEAUTHENTIC, we enjoy seeing the final product in the form of a website, magazine, sale, blog or video. It’s that moment where we’re finally standing where we want to be, looking back at what we’ve accomplished and what lies ahead–and it’s a great place to be. Feel free to browse our project library and find something that inspires you. We’re excited to make a connection.


“iBEAUTHENTIC is committed to bringing the best in personal experiences to the Beauty Professional through the application of technology and talent-based offerings.”


We are focusing on market expansion opportunities that are now presenting themselves in the Professional Beauty Industry to apply digital technologies and expand sales caused by industry consolidation.

  • The opportunities to design, develop and execute e-commerce shopping venues focused beyond the normal present-and-buy sites, but provide for a community shopping experience.
  • Independent Distributors, as well as Beauty Professional Manufacturers need alternatives to reach their customers other than the traditional distribution model. The opportunity, a hybrid alternative, addresses their brand needs and growth requirements.
  • The opportunity to extend the reach of e-commerce beyond the web and into the hands of our customer through responsive web design.
  • The opportunity to bring the relationship factor back into the brand and salon partnership through human and social connection.

Digital Communications

E-Commerce, Content, Website, IT Support, Social Media

We build all-encompassing digital communications specifically for salon beauty professionals, aiming to make the interaction between the stylist and your website as fluid as possible. With easy navigation, clear structure and responsive web design, our e-commerce platform makes it easy to shop on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Recognizing that each brand has unique needs, we personalize websites in accordance with our clients. As we grow together, the digital brand identity of your site and the service capabilities also develop alongside the newest breakthroughs in responsive web design. To deliver your brand message, our team goes through a series of steps:

  1. Research your company and existing technology in an initial evaluation to understand brand voice.
  2. Design a web concept for your team, incorporating existing logos and colors to establish brand identity, and present in a collaborative meeting to form a cohesive idea. In this step, we bridge the gap between your perspective and ours.   
  3. Develop the code and connections to your ERP system for your e-commerce site.
  4. Integrate content into your e-commerce site and social media.
  5. Execute the strategy for your brand by launching and promoting digital products.
  6. Analyze and maintain your brand voice through digital communications.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales is a cost-effective way for your brand or distributor to reach more customers. We create a structure that either acts as a separate sales force or supports your field sales. Within Inside Sales, various team structures work either with a distributor or within the channels/divisions of a brand. In addition to traditional sales activities, we can support New Product Launch and Educational Event Blitzes, Vacant Territory Coverage and Loyalty Programs. Since we remove the driving time of a field salesperson, we’re able to target customers in hard-to-reach areas based on geography, time zones, irregular hours and smaller staffs. Our team creates relationships that can be as intimate or more intimate than relationships in person.

Some stylists and salons are more comfortable working over the phone because it’s convenient and removes misconceptions and opinions that might form during face-to-face business. We look at Inside Sales as a creative way to knock down barriers and build meaningful relationships and partnerships with salons and stylists—that’s why we love our job. Once we make a connection, we offer the following resources:

  • Problem Solving
  • Product Knowledge
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Support for Product and Event Launches
  • People-to-People Connections


Magazines, Flyers, Price Cards, Catalogs, Apparel, Education Pieces, Trade Show Materials, Postcards, In-Store Signage

Print is a strong way to establish brand identity. We change the customer’s perspective of your business by using this long-standing, detail-rich medium to deliver your message. Our goal is to create a tangible, visual reference point for customers to browse, discover and buy and for sales representatives to use in the field.


Education is the emotional connection between the brand or distributor and the stylist. With our highly efficient and personable team, we provide a technology system that connects the brand or distributor with the salesperson, educator and stylist. Here’s what our technology offers:

  1. Education Management System (EMS): We match an educator with a salon or specific education class through our sophisticated booking system.
  2. Evaluation System: Our unique coordinator rating system determines an ROI on the dollars you spend putting education and classes into salons.
  3. Regional EMS: We input information through our e-commerce sites so you can sell tickets for educational classes and events.

We also offer a personal touch. After an education class, our coordinator calls the salon to evaluate each class, provide feedback for your company and make sure the salon knows that the bigger brand/distributor cares about them. We manage education from the brand’s vision to the salon’s post-event evaluation so you can better your business.


Product Demonstrations, Reviews, Descriptions, How-Tos

We express your creativity and concept with our video capabilities. Our video production facility houses a professional studio, including equipment and lighting to create a wide-ranging style of videos.

Working with our clients, we plan production, hire educators, develop brand stories and execute your vision, resulting in a high-quality multimedia package you can use across print and digital communications.

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Don’t let the historical garage facade fool you; iBEAUTHENTIC is an energetic, lively and fulfilling work environment filled with creative, forward-thinking people. Working here is different than working anywhere else in the area. We are a fast-growing company with a passion and drive to change the beauty industry. iBEAUTHENTIC works with several product manufacturers and distributors to improve sales and communication between salons and their clients. With roles in web, sales, marketing and design, there are many opportunities for you to pursue and develop a rewarding career.  Digital Media Coordinator

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